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Collecting the following updates:
  - Updated the "standalone externals" to be in sync with LCG_93, and updated AthAnalysisExternals to build against LCG_93;
  - Updated the CPack configuration to only build TGZ files on macOS;
  - Some small tweaks to how the python byte-code building targets would show up in IDEs like Xcode;
  - Update to atlas_add_test(...) to allow using any directory as the run directory for a given test;
  - Taught the code not to pick up .git/ directories while installing a release (relevant only for analysis repositories);
  - Added an optional NOEXEC argument to atlas_add_test(...) to allow for tests where the success of the build is the test itself;
  - Added Findlibffi.cmake to be able to set up this library for the runtime environment, which LCG_91's glib installation depends on.