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Draft: working version of a custom jet output collection

Jordy Degens requested to merge jdegens/easyjet:custom_jet_outputbranch into main

Change the output jet container from the reco4PFlowJet container to the bbttAnalysisJets_%SYS% jet container. bbttAnalysisJets_%SYS% should have the selection criteria and the overlap removal of the jets applied.

This is the most convenient way to do the postprocessing later with only the jets needed. @tstreble can you comment if this makes sense? Should this MR also include the other objects? Or should I make a new MR for them?

@pbokan @bmoser @shahzad @mfujimot :

It is important to understand that this is the jet collection we want to store. Can you confirm this is what we want to have in the output?

Also tagging @princke as this affects the overlap removal effort as bbttAnalysisJets_%SYS% has the overlap removal already applied. When this becomes the default this will affect your tests and you have to make sure that you use the correct output jet collection.

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