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Draft: Tau decorator for calibrated collections

Thomas Strebler requested to merge tstreble/easyjet:TauDecorCalib into main

The Analysis:bb𝝉𝝉 overlap removal procedure could benefit from running the TauDecorator on calibrated taus to include some pT cut in some of the additional flag computed. Doing so requires to:

  • split the CP algorithm sequences to run first the object calibration, insert the decorator algorithms then run the overlap removal
  • upgrade the TauDecorator algorithms to be systematics-aware, as the calibrated collections are not available systematics-free in DAOD_PHYS (but DAOD_PHYSLITE would work)

A work-in-progress implementation is provided here but requires further debugging.

It is in principle orthogonal to !515 (merged) but to move forward and since I will have limited availability until next week, !515 (merged) should not wait for this. I'll rebase on top later.

FYI @princke @pbokan @bmoser @mfujimot @shahzad

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