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Stabilize worker-proxies.json results and disable proxies that span multiple geoIPs

Carl Vuosalo requested to merge improve-proxy-json into master

The script was producing fluctuating results in the worker-proxies.json output file because there can be multiple Squids from different domains in a round-robin. This problem was fixed by internally sorting results so they are always in the same order. Issue #365 has been resolved.

A decision was made to disable worker proxies whose proxy DNS aliases use IP addresses from multiple geoIP organizations. These proxies are now listed as "disabled" in worker-proxies.json. There is a single instance of this problem, and the managers of those IP addresses have been asked to rectify it in this ticket.

The new version of was tested by comparing its output with the previous version. The output is the same, except for the fluctuating results of the old version and the new labels and messages for the newly disabled worker proxies.

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