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CMake: Remove infosys glue2-publisher bdii-cache-update and bringonline-daemon...

Joao Lopes requested to merge cmake3 into develop

This merge request sets the minimum required version of CMake for FTS to version 3.0. It also removes the call to the cmake_minimum_required(..) from every single CMakeLists.txt file in the project and simply sets it on the top-level directory.

It also removes the cli, infosys, glue2-publisher, bdii-cache-update and bringonline-daemon directories from the build process. In addition, some CMake dev warnings were also fixed.

Finally the fts.spec file was also cleaned in order to remove any attempt to build and install any of the directories that were removed from the CMake project. In the future it should be considered if it makes sense to completely remove the directories that contain code from legacy parts of the system that after this merge request will no longer be built.

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