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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • 1.0.32
    Collecting the following updates:
      - Fixed the RPM dependency set up by FindHDF5.cmake, not to be confused by the HDF5 version that we may build ourselves;
      - Updated FindBoost.cmake to use Threads::Threads instead of CMAKE_THREAD_LIBS_INIT for setting up the pthread dependency for the Boost libraries;
      - Updated all projects to instruct CMake's FindThreads.cmake module to prefer the -pthread compiler flag instead of the -lpthread linker option.
  • 1.0.31
    Collecting the following updates:
      - Made the RPM building skip stripping binaries. To be able to use a non-standard linker during the build without the RPM building messing up the produced (static) libraries.
      - Fixed a problem that was introduced for the analysis python externals back in 1.0.26, when pip was added to the analysis releases.
      - Upgraded to lwtnn version v2.6.
      - Fixed FindHDF5.cmake so that it would find the HDF5 version provided by the analysis releases properly on lxplus.
  • 1.0.30
    Collecting the following updates:
      - Added a FindPNG.cmake module to AtlasLCG, and made sure that it would be able to find the PNG library from the LCG release;
      - Added libxml2 to AnalysisBaseExternals, and made the ROOT build make use of it;
      - Stopped the ROOT build from looking for BLAS, as that makes the build depend way too much on libraries available only on lxplus;
      - Made the dictionary generation code more robust in the CI system.
  • 1.0.29
    Collecting the LCG_91 updates/fixes from MR208 into a tag.
  • 1.0.28
    Collecting the following updates:
      - An update from Frank for making Ninja builds a bit more silent;
      - Upgraded the AthAnalysisExternals to use LCG_91, and the externals built by AnalysisBaseExternals to match the versions found in LCG_91.
  • 1.0.27
    Tag updating the APE build to take the source code from, where the latest updates of the code are collected.
  • 1.0.26
    Collecting the following updates:
      - Improved the PoolCnv/SerCnv library creation to handle the case correctly when a converter gets removed as part of a CI job;
      - Added some new IDE improvements for Xcode/VisualStudio users;
      - Added a path to the FastJetContrib build to make it work more robustly on macOS. (See:
      - Added HDF5 as an external to AnalysisBaseExternals and AthAnalysisExternals;
      - Silenced a previous git error/fatal message showing up when the source directory would not be a git repository;
      - The installation of python modules with atlas_install_python_modules(...) now byte-compiles the modules during the build, testing them for syntax errors;
      - RelWithDebInfo builds now have the ability to produce two RPMs, one holding the non-debug payload (as before), and an additional one that only holds the debug symbol files;
      - Added pip to both AnalysisBaseExternals and AthAnalysisExternals, to allow analysers to download additional python modules for their analysis.
  • 1.0.25
    Tag for fixing the RPM dependency issue introduced by 1.0.24, using a wrong name for the LCG LibXml2 dependency.
  • 1.0.24
    Collecting the following updates:
      - Added lwtnn to the AthDerivationExternals build;
      - Improved the Geant4 relocatability;
      - Updated to fjcontrib 1.030;
      - Added GPerfTools to the AthAnalysisExternals build;
      - Fixed the handling of libxml2 from Athena, so that it would be used properly from inside the LCG release.
  • 1.0.23
    Update for making Python (python-config) relocatable, allowing python modules to be built conveniently against a release/nightly from CVMFS.
  • 1.0.22
    Updates containing:
       - updates to make AnalysisBaseExternals build out of the box on top of macOS High Sierra with Xcode 9.0;
       - the ability to override (from the command line) which LCG version the LCG using external projects should build against;
       - a fix for building lwtnn on platforms providing an acceptable version of Boost, like Ubuntu 16.04;
       - a small fix for BAT to build correctly against LCG_91.
  • 1.0.21
    Update containing:
       - Explicit builds of XRootD and DCAP for the standalone build of ROOT;
       - Addition of the lwtnn external for the analysis and offline releases;
       - Small fix to reduce the lines printed by AthAnalysisExternals;
       - Some updates to the GCC checkers code.
  • 1.0.20
    Tagging the following changes in the 1.0 branch:
      - Made the ROOT build work out of the box on MacOS.
      - Included the updates made in the package selection code. Printing loud warnings when the user made a mistake.
      - Added a whole bunch of copyright statements to all the files, now that the repository is globally visible.
      - Added the build of LHAPDF to AthDerivationExternals.
  • 1.0.19
    Tagging the latest updates for making the AnalysisBaseExternals build more robust, and getting rid of a warning during the build of dSFMT.
  • 1.0.18
    Tagging the update made to the ROOT build, meant for AnalysisBase/AnalysisTop. For a more robust setup in grid running.
  • 1.0.17
    Tagging the following updates for 21.X:
      - Made the BAT build not rely on RooStats. To make it a bit easier to use against custom-built ROOT versions.
      - Updated the way status messages are printed while the `atlas_project` function reads in the configuration of all packages. To make the printouts in a partial build less overwhelming.
      - Updated the ROOT build to use its built-in GSL version.
      - Updated AthAnalysisExternals and AthSimulationExternals not to build code in a multi-threaded way.
  • 1.0.16
    Tagging the 1.0 branch with the following updates since 1.0.15:
      - Synchronised Eigen to build the same version (3.2.9) that's in LCG_88;
      - Included various CMake updates in AtlasLCG;
      - Added the PyAnalysis package, to provide NumPy for AnalysisBase;
      - Added DMTCP to the AthDerivation externals (to keep AthenaMP functional once the 21.0 updates get merged in);
      - Added BAT to the available externals, to be used by AnalysisBaseExternals. (AnalysisTop most of all.)
  • 1.0.15
    Tag adding dmtcp to AthSimulationExternals, making AtlasLCG a bit more robust, and bringing
    with it some documentation updates.
  • 1.0.14
    Tag fixing the python setup issues that crept into 1.0.13. Making it impossible
    to build Gaudi on top of certain projects of the repository.
  • 1.0.13
    Tag introducing AthAnalysisExternals, and updating the analysis releases to LCG_88.
    It also introduces FastJet-3.2.2, and makes AnalysisBaseExternals build Python on
    MacOS X by default.