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constants for 2023 HLT processing

Florian Reiss requested to merge alignment2023 into offline

Collect constants for HLT2 processing of 2023 data. The proposed range for constants for relevant fills is 258222 (fill 8497) to 272053 (fill 9075, latest run in current version of offline branch)

Planned updates (correct me if I got it wrong)


  • global y and z position for all runs
  • half constants per fill if needed


  • updated module constants for all runs
  • mat contraction for cold and warm runs (if ready) -> not ready


  • apply latest panel and mirror alignment to all runs


  • apply 2023 constants to all run


  • unexpected shift in y for Muon stations
    • could be from VELo global shift propagated to SciFi alignment and then to Muon alignment
  • exact run number from which SciFi was running warm not known
  • changes PV position in y and z
    • should be correctly propagated to beamline position estimated from motion system average and no change to the beamline correction should be necessary

cc @mfontana @lgrillo

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