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Adding mass/lifetime and background modes for Multimuon searches

Emilio Xose Rodriguez Fernandez requested to merge emrodrig/my-changes into master

Need: Extrapolate searches to lifetimes/mass maps and include peaking background modes for Multimuon searches. Avoid masses falling within phi, jpsi and psi(2S) windows. Signal Files for Original

  1. B4mu a) mass:[0.25, 0.40], lifetimes:[0,1,10,100,1000]
  2. B4muK b) mass:[0.25, 0.40], lifetimes:[0,1,10,100,1000] c) B4muK phase space
  3. B6mu a) mass:[1, 2.5], lifetimes:[1,10,100] b) B26mu and Bs26mu phase space
  4. B6muK a) mass:[1.0, 2.5] ,lifetimes:[0,1,10,100] b) B26muK phase space

Extra -> Re-requesting existing B4mu with Bs instead of B0

  1. B4mu a) mass:[1.75, 3.00] ,lifetimes:[0,1,10,100,1000]


  1. BJpsimmKKK
  2. BmmpipiK
  3. BJpsietammmmgK

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