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Update He3 mass to newer value

Hendrik Jage requested to merge hjage/HeMass_update into master

Update the He3-mass in the two DecFiles for Lb -> He3 decays, previously introduced in !1863 (merged) and !1864 (merged), to a newer value. The existing DecFiles are updated - and no new ones created - as they have not been used to produce any simulation yet.

The original plan was to update the mass in lhcb-conddb/DDDB!123, but as these DecFiles are needed for a Sim09 request, it was decided in the last Simulation meeting, that it would be easier/faster to introduce the new mass directly in the DecFiles as well.

These changes should also be propagated to their Sim10 version. The changes have been tested for Sim09 and Sim10, both.

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