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Add hlt1 filtered pAr+pp files in TestFileDB

Oscar Boente Garcia requested to merge oboenteg-addsmog2simfiles into master

This MR adds several simulation samples for testing purposes, with events with pAr and pp collision events. They include:

  • an unfiltered sample to test hlt1 rates
  • a hlt1-filtered sample to test hlt2 rates and bandwidths

In the samples, nu for pAr is 0.37 and for pp is 7.6 (including empty pAr events, added explicity by mixing standalone pp events according to the fraction of empty events estimated with the Poisson distribution assuming nu=0.37). They can be used to test the rate and the bandwidth, keeping in mind that nu in pAr is subject to several assumptions (see these slides for more info).

Rates obtained by the filtered hlt1 sample are reported here, obtained from running hltefficiencychecker in a subsample of unfiltered hlt1 files): hlt1_SMOG2_testlines_MB_pAr_pp_MD_fixed_SMOG2_expected_2024_mixtest_ALLIFT_hlt1_02052024_evt_Full_withoutUT_TBLV.txt

Here rates are reported with more stat, taken directly from the hlt1 outputs, but without the inclusive/exclusive information: hlt1-filtered_pAr_pp_nu0-37_7-6_hlt1_pp_matching_no_ut_1000KHz.log. Rates seem compatible.

The used HLT1 sequence was hlt1_pp_matching_no_ut_1000KHz, with Allen in 2024-patches branch at commit (c37dcc15089e8d98cb4a361eec1ebe3548b52e5d , head at 01/05/2024).

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