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Draft: Functor Collector with RecSummary information

Clara Landesa Gomez requested to merge cl-recsummary-fc into master

Added RecSummary() Functor Collector to Analysis/Phys/FunTuple/python/FunTuple/ It retrieves an event-level collection of RecSummary information.

It creates the following branches:

  • nTracks,
  • nPVs
  • nFTClusters
  • nVPClusters
  • nEcalClusters
  • eCalTot
  • hCalTot
  • nVeloTracks
  • nLongTracks
  • nDownstreamTracks
  • nUpstreamTracks
  • nBackTracks
  • nRich1Hits
  • nRich2Hits

Work towards DPA task

Edited by Eduardo Rodrigues

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