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Update documentation of select TupleTools

Franz Ludwig Kramer requested to merge frkramer-ttooldoc into run2-patches

In accordance to this issue, the documentation of a few TupleTools should be updated ahead of the beta release of the NTupleWizard. The updated documentation not only makes the NTupleWizard easier to use for people unfamiliar with the LHCb ecosystem, but also allows the documentation to be interpreted semantically by computers, such as in this issue. The main difference between the current and proposed updated documentation is a form change, the content is kept mostly the same, however there were additions where columns were missing. This graphic shows the differences neatly: Unbenannte_Präsentation__1_.svg The new documentation follows this structure:

 * - "column name" : "what does this column store"
 * - "restriction" : 
 *   - "column name" "what does this column store"

Here, restriction can be anything that controls whether columns are written out, for example options (like Verbose for many TupleTools) or "particle properties", of which currently exist 3: isBasicParticle, shortened to basic; charged; is the particle a mother, shortened to head. Every restriction can also be negated, i.e. "!basic" means that only when the TupleTool is applied to a non-basic particle, the columns will be written out.

The complete list of TupleTools to be updated is TBD, however probably only the top 10-20 TupleTools need to be changed. Most importantly, someone with a better understanding of the TupleTools than me should look over the updated documentation to make sure it is correct. Tagging @dfitzger and @pinogga, because they know better than me who to tag for this MR.

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