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Update HltEfficiencyChecker examples to use 2024 min bias samples

Goes with Moore!3164 (merged)

This MR overhauls the HltEfficiencyChecker examples (and hence tests). For rate testing, expected-2024 samples are now used, and a 2024-like reconstruction scenario is also used. In the yaml wizard files, the two reconstruction options for hlt2 are now current_without_UT and future_with_UT. For HLT1, the default sequence we use should now be hlt1_pp_forward_then_matching_no_ut rather than hlt1_pp_default.

The hlt2_rate_example{.py,.yaml} now reflects the 2024-like scenario, both in terms of input sample and reconstruction configuration. is therefore removed.

Also removed some now-redundant no_gec HLT1 sequence tests, as there is no GEC by default now in Allen.

All tests green for me locally.

Also close #180 (closed) while I'm here - it was an easy fix.


  • Mirror these changes in the documentation - Moore!3164 (merged)
  • Remove RetinaCluster-related binds
  • Update to newer samples for measuring efficiency? Next time
  • Update thoroughly to use new reconstruction sequences for measuring efficiency?
  • Ensure consistency between the .yaml and .py options
Edited by Ross John Hunter

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