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Thor functors for MCTrackInfo

Jiahui Zhuo requested to merge jzhuo_AddMCTrack into master

This MR continues from !707 (merged), which is accidentally merged and reverted.

Description: In this MR will create a helper for the usage of new functors created in Rec!2979 (merged), and add an example to DaVinci.

TO-DO List:

  • Create the helper for MCP2MCTrackInfo, which will get the MCTrackInfo to each MC Particle
  • Create the helper for MCP2Track, which will associate each MC Particle to a reconstructed track.
  • Add examples
  • Add test to examples
  • Fix the comments from !707 (merged)
  • Change the example for new MCP2Track Algorithm.

FYI: @amathad @ldufour @pkoppenb @sstahl @chasse @erodrigu

This MR require: Moore!1759 (merged) Rec!2979 (merged), Analysis!898 (merged)

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