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Draft: Simulation attribute files loading with correct mapping to muon filter volumes (DetDesc/DD4hep)

Erika De Lucia requested to merge edelucia_gauss_simattr into master

Loading simulation attribute files in for DetDesc (Sim/Gauss/xml/SimulationRICHAerogelOff.xml) and DD4hep (Sim/Gauss/xml/SimulationRICHAerogelOff-dd4hep.xml) using the correct mapping to muon filter volumes.

Includes also the simulation attribute file to produce Muon low energy background samples with DD4hep (Sim/Gauss/xml/MuonLowEnergy-dd4hep.xml).

For DD4hep needs Detector!485 (merged) to be merged.

Edited by Erika De Lucia

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