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No Acceptance Cuts for daughters of Long Lived particles

Andrea Merli requested to merge NoAccCutForDaugLongLived into Sim10

Only daughters of \Omega^-, \Xi^-, \Xi^0, \Lambda^0 and K_S are removed from the acceptance cut of standard tools DaughtersInLHCb.cpp#L95. Acceptance cuts are wrongly applied to daughters of \Sigma^+, \Sigma^-, long lived user defined particles (e.g. Bd_MuPiMajoranaNeutrino2MuPi,m=3000MeV,t=100ps,DecProdCut.dec, Bd_MuXMajoranaNeutrino2EENu,m=4000MeV,t=100ps,SS,DecProdCut.dec) or resonances produced in long lived user defined particles (e.g. Bd_MuXMajoranaNeutrino2MuX,m=1600MeV,t=1000ps,SS,DecProdCut.dec). Here I propose a much robust way to identify the daughters of long lived particles that does not rely on PDG ID. For the time being, the changes have been implemented only in DaughtersInLHCb. If they are accepted, I will implement them also in all the other tools that use the old buggy logic to exclude long lived particle daughters. This merge request has to be ported also to Sim09.

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