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Resolve LHCBGAUSS-1524 ".evtrarelb2lllbugfix"

Gloria Corti requested to merge cherry-pick-3b999b03-2 into Sim09-upgrade

Propagate the merge of branch 'LHCBGAUSS-1524.EvtRareLb2LllBugFix' into 'Sim09-upgrade'

Closes LHCBGAUSS-1524

See merge request !367 (merged) in 'master' and !393 (merged) in 'Sim09'

(cherry picked from commit 3b999b03)

  • 54688a7c Updated EvtRareLbToLll to fix mistake with indices and updated EvtGenDecay to…
  • 874edb88 Removed trailing whitespaces
  • afdd0ef4 Reduced repeated calculations of lambda polarisation terms.

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