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Use correct B reference frame in EvtSLDiBaryonAmp: LHCBGAUSS-1584

Gloria Corti requested to merge cherry-pick-be7a070a-2 into Sim09-upgrade

Propagate merge of branch 'LHCBGAUSS-1584.EvtSLDiBaryonAmpFix' into 'Sim09-upgrade'

See merge request !415 (merged) to 'Sim09' and !432 (merged) to 'master'

(cherry picked from commit be7a070a)

c146f0f6 Use correct B reference frame in EvtSLDiBaryonAmp. 852e0f80 Add parity factor for the vector amplitude terms in EvtSLDiBaryonAmp. a5330a24 Modify EvtSLDiBaryonAmp for antiparticle/parity transformations. 49ec60d3 Swap f and g parameters for opposite parity case in EvtSLDiBaryonAmp. 633f55a1 Add EvtSLDiBaryonAmp::getHadronicCurrents() to find the baryon amplitude terms. 38e23878 Correct typos in EvtSLDiBaryonAmp::getBaryonParity (was incorrect for 2 Lambda_c modes). 1efbfc29 Update probabilities in EvtBToDiBaryonlnupQCD owing to changes in EvtSLDiBaryonAmp.

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