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New Bc -> Ks K psi model: LHCBGAUSS-1679

Gloria Corti requested to merge cherry-pick-05cefed1 into Sim09-upgrade

Port the merge of branch 'Bc_KsKPsi' into 'Sim09-Upgrade'

Corresponds to merge request !439 (merged) into 'Sim09'

(cherry picked from commit 05cefed1)

0ca67d82 Bc -> Ks K psi model
bbd6c269 Bc -> Ks K psi in BcVHad
caa24515 some code cleanup
51974d6c some more code cleanup, ready to push
543dbdd9 Tidy up EvtBcVHad and EvtWHad; used const more, replaced arrays with vectors.
ee39c458 Revert EvtModelReg.cpp to Sim09 version, i.e. removing unneeded extra spaced lines.
b0a479ff Correcting EvtModelReg again.

Edited by Gloria Corti

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