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New EvtGen model for Lc2pKpi discussed in Jira task LHCBGAUSS-1577

Gloria Corti requested to merge cherry-pick-f94cb805-2 into Sim09-upgrade

Port the merge of branch 'LHCBGAUSS-1577.EvtGenLc2pKpi' into 'Sim09-upgrade'

See merge request !407 (merged) into 'Sim09' and !469 (merged) into 'master'

(cherry picked from commit f94cb805)

4b8cd85a New EvtGen model for Lc2pKpi discussed in Jira task LHCBGAUSS-1577
039ab8cb New class for Lc2pKpi called EvtLambdacPHH and modifications to EvtResonance2
17762838 corrections to EvtLambdacPHH after discussion with John
e3fa1841 Gen/EvtGen/src/EvtLambdacPHH.cpp test for angular distributions passed
2afce11b correction of the beam axis on z direction and a minus sign error after checking the distributions
e3cb7e5b indentation and repetitions corrected, I added a more explicit comment with...
8ca3711a Randomized angles if Lambda_c produced at rest
d2ba71e7 Correct signs for certain amplitude terms. Various formatting edits. Made...
7c998c04 Correct L values for Delta++ and Lambda(1520) and check that |z'| != 0.
a484275e Remove EvtResonance3 and revert EvtDDalitz back to Sim09 version.
801c812e Add lineshape normalisation function to EvtLambdacPHH.
bfc49fb7 Merge branch 'Sim09' into 'LHCBGAUSS-1577.EvtGenLc2pKpi' to keep the...
298cba47 Various fixes and changes for the EvtLambdacPHH model.
5a1338e5 updated extra rotation
99796795 Merge commit '090df253' into LHCBGAUSS-1577.EvtGenLc2pKpi
319de359 Fix "previously-declared" compiler warnings for the new rotated amplitudes.

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