Draft: Temporarily unblock Sim10 in Run3 nightly slots

Michal Mazurek requested to merge mimazure-TMP-mtsim10 into master

@gcorti @kreps @adavis

This temporary solution will solve the failing Gauss (Sim10) in all Run3 nightly slots i.e. lhcb-head, lhcb-gaudi-head, lhcb-head-2, lhcb-lcg-dev3, lhcb-lcg-dev4, lhcb-lcg-test, lhcb-master.

Please note that most of the tests will be still failing. This is because we have recently added Gaussino and Geant4 MT to these nightly slots and Gauss(Sim10) works only in ST mode. We have to wait until Futurev4 with Gauss(-on-Gaussino) will become the master branch.

FYI @rmatev @clemenci

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