[Futurev5] Use LHCbDD4hepCnvSvc as the default geometry service for 2022 and beyond

Michal Mazurek requested to merge mimazure-dd4hep-default into Futurev5

@gcorti @admorris @sponce

Follows Run2Support!32 (comment 6162659). This adapts the python configuration as we can no longer depend on the platform to determine whether dd4hep should be used or not. We now use LHCbGeo().DD4hep for this. The main python configuration was equipped with an additional check for data types:

  • property DD4hep is not set => set to False for <2022 and True for >2022
  • property DD4hep is True => ValueError for <2022 and use dd4hep geometry for >2022
  • property DD4hep is False => use DetDesc

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