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Draft: Skeleton for Torch implementation in Gauss-on-Gaussino

Michal Kreps requested to merge torchSim11 into master

Attempt to implement what is needed for TORCH detector. Implementation tries to be generic wherever possible in order to allow other detectors to reuse all work as much as possible. Relevant parts are:

  • Construction of physics processes.
  • Collect production information on optical photons. This is done as stepping action on charged tracks. Basic idea is there, but we might want to add more information and need to check that all variables are correctly filled.
  • Downscale number of photons to speedup simulation as not all of them will be detected due to QE etc.
  • Killing of photons which undergo too many steps. These are very likely cases of trapped photons. Implemented as tracking action, but needs additional work to allow different number of steps in different detectors before killing.
  • Geant4 sensitive detector for DetDesc.
  • Algorithm to create MC hits for optical photons from Geant4 collection.

This needs LHCb!3995, Detector!361 and Geant4!91

This is replacement of !948 (closed), which I managed to mess up while rebasing.

Edited by Jake Lane

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