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WIP: Fix histograms for shared stages.

Roel Aaij requested to merge fix_default_histograms into 2018-patches

Fix shared stages by moving their monitoring to dedicated not-shared stages.

Some drive-by improvements:

  • Remove DATAFILE and git: properties from location service.
  • Use explicit pre- and post-monitoring stages for the JPsi line as an example (@jpriscia @fdettori), this also prevents the monitoring algorithms for the JPsi ending up in all extra particle sequences that include a J/psi.
  • Increase the number of bins for the DiMuon monitoring plots from 25 to 100 (@egovorko)
  • DPS lines updated to pick up the same JPsi stage as before
  • Remove the TisTos global tagger as it was never merged.
  • Add the name of the set of extra algorithms to the line name before passing it to bindMembers when creating configurables for extra algorithms. This allows not-shared stages to be used in extra algorithms.

Differences with master and script used to analyze them are attached. diff_fix.xz

Edited by Rosen Matev

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