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Add machinery for cluster persistency

Laurent Dufour requested to merge ld-clusters-on-track into 2024-patches
  • Adds the surrounding machinery to convert between different types of clusters (including VPMicroCluster, VPLightCluster, UTHitCluster).
  • Adds the v1 -> v1 track refitting of a Track::Range in PrKalmanFilterTools (probably suboptimal...)
  • Generalizes the VeloIDOverlap relations to other subdetectors
  • Fixes the sorting of VPLightClusters (closes LHCb#350 (closed) )

In addition, fixes the missing setting of the fractionx, and fractiony in the converter of PRVPHits to VPLightClusters

Supersedes !3597 (closed) Requires LHCb!4364 (merged)

Part of the set: Moore!2754 (merged), !3708 (merged), LHCb!4364 (merged), Alignment!440 (merged), DaVinci!1047 (merged), Detector!564 (merged), LHCbIntegrationTests!60 (merged)

Edited by Miroslav Saur

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