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Add velo lumi counters to HLT2

Daniel Charles Craik requested to merge dcraik_hlt2LumiVelo into master

Adds all velo lumi counters currently implemented in Allen.

Decoding-based counters are identical between the two implementations.

Reco-based counters have some small (<~10%) differences due to reconstruction differences.

As a 1kHz lumi line is not yet implemented at HLT2, all counters are added to the HLT2 30kHz lumi line.

The pseudo-randomly selected PV used for the VeloVertex{X,Y,Z} counters was previously chosen by eventNumber%numVertices. For the HLT2 counters the sum of the integer parts of the absolute Z coordinates of all PVs in the event is used in place of the event number.

Goes with Moore!2976 (merged)


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