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Add isolation criterion to VertexListRefiner, fix bug in TrackMasterFitter for dd4hep, update in PrKalmanFilter

Wouter Hulsbergen requested to merge wh_updatepvselector into 2024-patches

This adds the option to select 'isolated' PVs. It is needed for alignment of 2024 data.

Updates in PrKalmanFilter:

  • fix issue in PrKalmanFilter that could set momentum of Velo tracks beyond the 'maxPhysicalMomentum'. Those tracks would then be lost for alignment. (see also #564)
  • fix bug that would not update the smoothed state for the first and last node
  • make sure states of classic smoother are used for track states if classical smoother is used. set the default value to false. (see also #565)
  • fill the number of track parameters in PrKalmanFit result such that chi2 get right degrees of freedom for velo-only tracks

Fix bug (see !3865 (comment 8061263)) in TrackVPOverlapMonitor

Updates to FTMatCalibration monitor:

  • fix computation of residual and channel
  • add option to 'fit' 1D poly model to residuals, rather than have independent correction per channel
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