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Vertex compare modifications for PV resolution monitor

Bogdan Kutsenko requested to merge bokutsen_vertex_compare_RecoMon into 2024-patches

A data PV resolution monitor was added to RecoMon for two sets of PVs reconstructed from 2 random subsets of HLT1 and HLT2 Velo tracks.

Some changes are needed in the VertexCompare.cpp for the monitor to work:

  • All histograms are changed to Gaudi::Accumulator::Histograms
  • m_monitoring gaudi property is added for the monitoring histograms: pulls and arrays of Gaudi histograms for the differences in matched PV positions: dx, dy, dz for each bin on nTracks. Later these histograms will be processed in AutomaticAnalysis to obtain PV resolution in each dimension and show it in the Monet
  • m_requireSingle is added, to make offline plots based on the events with one PV
  • Two new algorithms to split HLT2 tracks randomly into two subsets are added

Needed for MooreOnline!406, Moore!3312

Goes with Allen!1563, Moore!3542 (merged)

Edited by Bogdan Kutsenko

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