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Collecting the following updates:
  - Improved the PoolCnv/SerCnv library creation to handle the case correctly when a converter gets removed as part of a CI job;
  - Added some new IDE improvements for Xcode/VisualStudio users;
  - Added a path to the FastJetContrib build to make it work more robustly on macOS. (See:
  - Added HDF5 as an external to AnalysisBaseExternals and AthAnalysisExternals;
  - Silenced a previous git error/fatal message showing up when the source directory would not be a git repository;
  - The installation of python modules with atlas_install_python_modules(...) now byte-compiles the modules during the build, testing them for syntax errors;
  - RelWithDebInfo builds now have the ability to produce two RPMs, one holding the non-debug payload (as before), and an additional one that only holds the debug symbol files;
  - Added pip to both AnalysisBaseExternals and AthAnalysisExternals, to allow analysers to download additional python modules for their analysis.