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R22 pre recommendations

Ahmed Tarek requested to merge R22_pre into master

New ESmodels for R22 pre-recommendations for Run3 (es2022_R22_PRE) and Run-2 reprocessed (es2022_R22_PRE_v1). Both models are based on es2018_R21_v1 with the following changes to Z->ee scales and uncertainties:

es2022_R22_PRE: alpha and c corrections: is the 2018 scales using mc20, sys. uncertainties taken as the envelope of the mc20 scales for the different years (2015-2018).

es2022_R22_PRE_v1: alpha and c corrections is the mc20 for each year. Sys. uncertainties are the same as es2018_R21_v1.

This is still a WIP (for review of implementation), actual scales still pending updates from Mingxu

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