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Matlab stepper fix

Kyrre Ness Sjobaek requested to merge MatlabStepperFix into master

Fixed a bug in parsing STEPPER STATUS, and added code so that robot status is correctly reflected in MATLAB when doing STEPPER ZEROSEEK and STEPPER POS, making it un-neccessary to run STEPPER STATUS all the time.

@pkorysko, can you review the code and merge to master when you are ready? If something looks suspect, you can comment here, or I believe also straight in the code diff.

Once this is merged, you can update your GUI branch from master. To update your GUI branch, just do:

  1. git status/git commit etc. on your GUI branch to save your current work there.
  2. git checkout master to switch to master on your laptop.
  3. git pull to update the master on your laptop with the new stuff from GitLab.
  4. git checkout GUI to go back to your GUI branch.
  5. git merge master to merge from your master branch (which you just updated) to your GUI branch.
  6. git push to push that change to gitlab.

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