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Draft: Configuration GUI

Finn Feindt requested to merge gui into master
  • This MR is heavily based on the work of @bpilsl, who implemented a QT based GUI specific to the rd50-mpw3 project.
  • The idea is to generalize this GUI --- focussing on the generation and deployment of configuration files --- to use it for further peary devices, with minimal effort.
  • So far, this is implemented only schematically for the device-register configuration.
  • Open tasks/ questions:
    1. Remove rd50-mpw3 specific parts from the GUI.
    2. Device-memory configuration can probably be implemented along the same line as for the device-registers. But is this actually the way we want to go? Bernhard suggests a script to generate device-specific GUI configurations from the device source-code instead.
    3. How to proceed for device powering/ biasing?
    4. How do proceed for pixel configuration? (I think this is tricky in particular. Since it seems that this issue is treated differently in different devices).
    5. Maybe a bit technical, but at the moment the ConfigCreatorWidget generates a device instance. Can we 'virtualize' this? Let me know if you have comments, suggestions, ideas!

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