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Port GDMLReader from Gauss

Michal Mazurek requested to merge mimazure-port-import-gdml into master

This ports the GDMLReader from Gauss and integrates it in GiGaMTDetectorConstructionFAC. Additional checks and a few corrections for exporting the GDML are also applied. Import/export GDML now supprorts:

  • importing volumes from multiple GDML file,
  • rotating and translating an assembly of imported volumes,
  • an example on how to activate the sensitive detector factories for the imported volumes,
  • exporting mass geometry to GDML files,
  • exporting parallel geometries to GDML files,

Still needs an integration / unit test and a documentation

Added a combined integration test for the GDML import and export: cube_import_export.qmt

Handling GDMLs is also documented and can be previewed here:

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