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Draft: Try out more recent version of HepMC3 from official repository

Gloria Corti requested to merge gcorti_hepmc_version_update into master

This can be a running MR to try out, for now picking up master as of 1 year ago, will update with a tag version after updating the fork

Tags are not propagated, so try out tag 3.2.6 from official repository. Although there is a 3.2.7 do not use it because it drops Pythia8 interface that is only available from Pythia 8.3 while we are still using 8.26.

HepMC 3.2.6 is what used in LCG_104.

Need to check if we see significant difference. This is for now tested in lhcb-gen-dev

cc: @mimazure

Edited by Gloria Corti

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