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Extending the FullSimLight application with the possibility of Woodcock-tracking

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A local WoodcockProcess, for Woodcock-tracking of gamma photons in a given detector region, has been implemented

The WoodcockProcess has been implemented for utilizing Woodcock tracking of gamma photons in a given detector region. The Woodcock process is a specialised version of the Gamma-general process: Woodcock tracking is applied within the given detector region (specified by the user at the construction of the WoodcockProcess) while the WoodcockProcess falls into the Gamma-general one otherwise. It is also the case if no detector region with the specified name can be found in the detector or the kinetic energy of the gamma drops below a certain energy. This energy limit can be set at construction time (0 by default).

Since the WoodcockProcess would require a very recent version of the base G4GammaGeneralProcess (the one that will be available in Geant4-11.0), a local version of that process (a very similar to that in G4.11.0) is also be given in the form of the GammaGeneralProcess. This is used as a base for the current WoodcockProcess as long as a more recent version of Geant4 will be utilized by the project.

A special, local EM physics constructor has been added that makes use of the new, local WoodcockProcess

A special local EM physics constructor, the StandardEmWithWoodcock has been added to FullSimLight. This is identical to the standard EM physics constructor with the only difference that gamma particles will have only the WoodcockProcess (that encapsulates all EM processes).

The very much obsolete MyGVPhysicsList has been removed.

A local Extra-Physics constructor has also been added for gamma-nuclear interactions

Gamma particles has extra, i.e. non-EM processes (such as gamma nuclear) that are usually added in the G4EmExtraPhysics constructor. This is done properly even in the case of using Gamma-general process which means that these extra processes are added to the G4GammaGeneralProcess instead of the gamma particle whenever Gamma-general process is used. Since in our case we do not use the G4GammaGeneralProcess as base class for the WoodcockProcess but the GammaGeneralProcess, we also need need a local version of this G4EmExtraPhysics that will add the extra (gamma-nuclear) process to the GammaGeneralProcess. This local EmExtraPhysics constructor will be suitable for Geant4.10.6.p03, 10.7.p03 and 11.0.

The option for executing FullSimLight with using Woodcock tracking in the EMEC detector region has been added

The FullSimLight application has been extended now with the new FTFP_BERT_ATL_WDCK physics list option. When this physics list is required by the user (i.e. when providing the -f FTFP_BERT_ATL_WDCK input) the FTFP_BERT_ATL physics list is constructed but its EM constructor is replaced with the local StandardEmWithWoodcock, while its Extra-Physics constructor part is replaced by the local EmExtraPhysics constructors. In order to obtain a more realistic setting, the neutron tracking cut is also set to 150 [ns] (as in Athena; applied only in case of ATLAS physics lists, i.e. physics list names with the ATL sub-string). Since the WoodcockProcess can be activated in a given detector region, adding detector regions is also activated when the FTFP_BERT_ATL_WDCK physics list is required.

According to the given settings (see the application main), Woodcock tracking will be used in the EMEC detector region whenever the gamma energy is > 200 [keV].

The option, for collecting the recently implemented minimal simulation statistics in a specified detector region, has also been added. When the application is executed in non-performance mode with activated detector regions and a detector region with the specified name can be found (see the main program) the simulation statistics is also collected restricting only to the given region. No any effects otherwise.

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