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Fix compilation warnings in master

This MR fixes several compilation warnings. They have been found by the use of the compilation flags -Wall -Wextra -Werror, on macOS with clang.

Most of them are about unused variables or parameters; so I cleaned the code and in some cases I cleaned the function definitions. To fix some warnings, I also replaced the Qt's foreach macro with the modern, plain C++ for statement.

One of them fixes a bug in GMEX: the rotation angle was not properly set while printing out the Transformation parameters; it was printed as a nan. Therefore, this MR fixes #2 (closed) and ATLASDD-41

Cc: @dellacqu, some changes affect GDMLtoGM; could I ask you to check my changes to that package, to be sure I correctly interpreted your code? Thanks!

Edited by Riccardo Maria Bianchi

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