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update ubuntu OS image and Geant 4 libraries on Ubuntu for inclusion of FSL (Gui for fullsimlight)

Joseph Boudreau requested to merge update-ubuntu-pipeline into master

This MR address a saga that started when adding FSL (the graphical user interface to fullSimLight) into the build of GeoModel.The initial problem was that the header "filesystem" was not found. This is because the Ubuntu pipeline was running on a very old Ubuntu OS (LTS version 18.04, "bionic"). I updated to LTS version 22.04 ("jammy"). This revealed additional trouble on the side of Geant 4 (Ubuntu), which was also out of date. Though it was not badly out of date, it was bad enough not to compile with the native c++ compiler.

The main change here is that both Ubuntu and Geant4 are brought up to date. Details

  • Ubuntu updated to 22.04
  • Geant 4 updated to 11.0.2
  • No need to compile cmake from source ==> cmake from the system
  • No need to use builtin expat (on this platform) or builtin json ==> take these from the system


  • the build configuration is now exactly that used to mint the distribution kits on launchpad
  • also, the build of FSL is now enabled.

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