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Comment very verbose log messages until better steering is available

Nicholas Styles requested to merge nstyles/GeoModel:log-cleanup into master

It was noticed in recent tests that the output of GeoModelXml has become intolerably verbose (as opposed to just very verbose as discussed in #31) such that log files are exceeding the maximum size in CI tests long before they reach the point where the pertinent ERRORs are printed, and making the logs generally impossible to work with. These log messages are potentially useful for debugging, but the steering of log output seems not to be sufficiently configurable at the moment, and messages printed to MSG::DEBUG still appear in all jobs.

As a temporary solution, the most noisy logging is commented out until a solution for suppressing these when not wanted can be developed.

The logging in GmxInterface is kept for the moment, as this is anyway overridden by detector-specific implementations whenever used in Athena, and so shouldn't show up in any Athena job logs.

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