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New single build jobs to test the build of the distribution kits

Riccardo Maria Bianchi requested to merge ci-new-singlebuild-jobs into master

This MR introduces new CI jobs to build GeoModel sub-packages as top-tree ones, built one on top of the other.

This is needed to test the procedure that is used to build the GeoModel sub-packages separately. For example, by compiling GeoModelTools on top of the base GeoModel packages by calling CMake on the sub-package folder directly instead of using CMake options to steer the build; e.g.,:

cmake ../GeoModel # this only build GeoModelCore and GeoModelIO, by default
make install
cmake ../GeoModelTools
make install

This is the procedure used to build, for example, the pre-compiled packages for macOS machines (the Homebrew 'bottles').

Therefore, these new CI jobs test the procedure used to build the 'bottles'. If these jobs fail, it means it would not be possible to build the 'bottles'.

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