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Revision of gmclash

Evgueni Tcherniaev requested to merge (removed):evgueni/gmclash-revision into master

gmclash (

  • New options:
    • -n number sets the number of random point to be used during check
    • -r name sets the name of a volume in the sub-tree where the check should be run
  • Clash detection has been decoupled from the detector construction

FullSimLight /

  • Text for gmclash has been updated


  • New overlap check algorithm has been adopted from Geant4.11.0
  • Revised ClashDetector can be compiled/used with Geant4.10.1, if required

Changes in json file

  • local coordinates for all types of clashes are reported in the local coordinates of the volume
  • the name of a mother volume is the name of the physical volume instead of the logical volume

  • Minor changes needed to use new ClashDetector
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