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Allow failure when retrieving SQL Aux tables

Nicholas Styles requested to merge nstyles/GeoModel:addChecking into master

As discussed with @rbianchi, a mechanism allowing checking of whether tables with a given name exist in an input file could be useful for supporting .db files produced by the different plugins current available.

Currently, an SQL error is thrown which cause the job to terminate. This MR would allow optionally for the error to be suppressed, and an empty std::map to be returned instead. This would allow more flexibility for testing for the existence of tables with different naming schemes e.g. here:

(ITKPixelPlugin, ITKStripPlugin, ITKPlugin, and GMXPlugin all provide different names for the tables by default)

Making a draft MR for the moment to get comments - especially on potential ways to test this without needing a full Athena build on top of these updates.

FYI @boudreau @tsulaia

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