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Merge branch 'gm-athena-ci' into 'main'

Johannes Junggeburth requested to merge cherry-pick-df3b397e into 5.0.X

Add job building GeoModel in Athena main

See merge request !271 (merged)

(cherry picked from commit df3b397e)

12645250 Basic build script for GM in Athena 89ce093b Add GN+Athena CI build bfcc5a5d script name b1825576 atlasos image 61af4bfd don't require tty 4214014e central atlasos image 370e8df9 variable definitions ad02746a git identity 402113a0 cache persistency, correct package filters 482ff909 update package_filters.txt d925c5e4 add a workflow test after build 30de1906 try needs and stage 25531028 figure out if headers changed 88d08d12 sudo a671638c env vars a367973b source 8c8dcd3a workflow rules 2259d112 no output e72570e6 modify package_filters b246014f /dev/null 99db0f2f build 5def7503 typo f136cd23 printout 54992b36 not before_script aabe8c6a export? e62c6098 flip grep 0379f30e boolean wrong a916adfe continue build 3075a854 downstream test 8db8e80b artifact for install dc89d294 install which 2f3bec56 sudo dnf a3a74fc5 image f4885614 -y ab8eb771 Test: ignore installed athena and gm 1df3fbe4 mkdir run a899ad24 image test eb1fdc22 is it the image? 4f3f2a6d re-enable other stuff 43c7d334 force headers on ce002ccf remove athena build dir from artifact 0a8b6bfb add exception to check if test fails 2aaf0ea4 undo damage e0f1282f remove forces rebuild

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