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Docs: fix images

Riccardo Maria Bianchi requested to merge master-docs-fix-images into master

This MR fixes the display of the images on the online website.

The images were shown in a local test but not on the final website. This was caused by the fact that we used absolute paths in <img> tags for images. But on the actual server, we serve our website from a subfolder. Therefore, the final path for the images missed the subfolder, and the images were not found by the webserver.

I have fixed that by using:

  • I have added a custom macro to add images to the .md files, by exploiting the mkdocs-macros engine. [See: ]

  • the jinja2 include directive, instead of the plain mkdocs one, to exploits the custom macro is 'embedded' .md files (with the plain mkdocs include mechanisms the macros were not processed)

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