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GeoModel mass calculator

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GeoModelMassCalculator (gmmasscalc) is a command line tool that calculates the inclusive and exclusive mass of a geometry file specified as input with the -g flag. The mass report is given in an output json file (default: * gmmasscalc_report.json*). By default * gmmasscalc*, takes the main World Volume, and calculates the inclusive and exclusive masses of the respective daughters, saving the calculated quantities in the output json file. At the end of the report, the total masses are reported together with the apparent weight in Air for the whole World Volume.

  • apparent weight in Air by definition, the weight of a body as affected by the buoyancy of a fluid (such as air) in which it is immersed. It is calculated only on the total geometry, assuming that the World Volume is made of Air
  • exclusiveMass is the mass of the considered volume only (from which the volumes occupied by the daughters volumes have been subtracted)
  • inclusiveMass is the mass of the considered volume, comprehensive of the masses of the respective daughters (propagated in an iterative way to their daughter volumes).
  • exclusiveFilteredMass is the sum of the exclusive masses of all the volumes with density>densityThreshold (0.02 g/cm3)
  • excludedFilteredMass is the sum of the exclusive masses of all the volumes with density<densityThreshold (0.02 g/cm3)

The -p (--prefix) flag allows to iterate on the geometry and retrieve in the report file the masses information of all volumes in the geometry containing the specified 'prefix' in their name.

The -m (--material) flag allows to specify to which material the user is interested. In this case * gmmasscalc* will loop over the geometry tree and calculate the mass of those volumes that are made of the material of interest.

If both the -p and -m flags are used, * gmmasscalc* will combine the 2 filters and retrieve in the output file only the masses of the volumes containing the specified prefix and made of the desired material.

The documentation has been updated to include this new tool.

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