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Add material visualization for TileCal

Riccardo Maria Bianchi requested to merge gmex-add-tile-materials into master

This MR adds the materials used for Tile in rel.22 to gmexMatVisAttributes.json. With these additions, Tile geometry is visualized as in VP11.

Before the extra definitions:


After the extra definitions introduced with this MR, where 7 materials have been declared:


The newly defined materials are:

  • std::Air
  • std::Iron
  • std::Aluminium
  • tile::SiO2CondEpox
  • tile::Glue
  • tile::Scintillator
  • LArServices

I left out the definition of LArIronBox because I didn't want to make it look like std::Iron. We can choose a color for it later.


At a later stage, we need to decouple the experiment-specific material names/definitions to additional files, which the user can specify when launching gmex.

[Probably, the files containing the ATLAS materials could be stored in the GeoModelATLAS or GeoModelDATA repositories. To be discussed]


  1. (Almost identical to VP1: I found, in fact, that in VP1 the scintillator is colored as greenish, while for the moment I only found a definition for a blueish "Scintillator" color; but, nevertheless, the material is visualized differently than the surrounding volumes, which is the important thing so far)

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