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Added ECAL profile from extrapolation to

Benjamin Banto Oberhauser requested to merge example-with-ecal-profile-dev into master

As part of the tools to check the position of the beam impinging on the ECAL, now that GenFit tracking is used in p348 I have added a TProfile with the position of the beam on the ECAL. I applied some cuts to look for events with missing energy, but this cuts could also be skipped. The idea is to provide a tool to be able to obtain "tomography"-like pictures of the ECAL like these ones (done locally, from last year's data):

Screenshot from 2023-03-02 18-32-10.png

Screenshot from 2023-03-06 10-06-33.png

Important: This is will look different in the implementation proposed here. This pictures were used as inspiration.

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