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Additions/changes for hadtau studies

Alexx Perloff requested to merge github/fork/hatakeyamak/CMSSW_7_2_X into CMSSW_7_2_X

Created by: hatakeyamak

This is an revised pull request of what Ahmad submitted last week.

[1] AllHadronicSUSY/Utils/python/ [2] AllHadronicSUSY/Utils/src/
These are used to store reclustered jets that can be extended below 10 GeV. The code is written in such a way that above the 10 GeV threshold, it reads slimmedJets from MiniAOD, and it uses reclustered jets below 10 GeV. For jets below 10 GeV, we store them only if they match gen leptons. This will add a new list of jets “slimJetXXX”. We need this only for MC for making templates, so this will be called only when hadtau and geninfo flags are on. We renamed the files to more clearly indicate the purpose of the code.

[3] AllHadronicSUSY/TreeMaker/python/ [4] AllHadronicSUSY/TreeMaker/test/ These configs have associated changes. A new switch hadtau is introduced in [3-4] which is false by default.

[8] AllHadronicSUSY/Utils/src/ This is modified in order to store the tau neutrino information which we need to figure out the tau visible decay four-vector. Also, we improved the definitions of tau decay daughters to store (we store down to either stable particles or pi0) by consulting with Arne.

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