[Run2_2017] RunIIAutumn18MiniAOD MC Reload

Created by: aperloff

This PR reloads the dictionaries and settings needed to run on the 2018 MC samples. It includes the following changes:

  1. The 2018 MC scenarios
  2. An update of the 2018 MC JEC
  3. Update RunIIAutumn18MiniAOD file lists, including one RunIIAutumn18MiniAOD-HEM file list
  4. Update PFJetID selection to be more flexible. Also update the 2018 PFJetID definition
  5. Update the WeightProducer to include the gen event info weight in the event weight when running on a flat sample
  6. The QCD flat sample cross section
  7. The condorSub dictionaries for the 2018 MC samples, including the neff dictionary

Note: This is probably not the last reload of the 2018 MC. Note: This does not include the fix to the PFJetID which would allow for backing out the JER scale factor. That should be put into TreeMaker before the V17 production. Note: The JEC will be updated again shortly when the JERC group releases the L2L3Residual corrections (for data).

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