[Run2_2017_V17] Update the JEC Files

Alexx Perloff requested to merge github/fork/aperloff/Run2_2017_V17 into Run2_2017_V17

Created by: aperloff

  1. Update the Autumn18 JEC from V3 to V8
  2. Add in the new Fall17 fastsim JEC (previously using the fullsim JEC)
  3. Convert the Spring16 fastsim JEC to Summer16 by copying the PFchs corrections to PFPuppi files and recreating the SQLite file

Tested with unit trsts 3, 9, 18, and 23. These are scenarios Summer16v3Fast, Fall17Fast, Autumn18, 2018ReReco17Sep, respectively. The 2016 and 2017 tests passed. The 2018 tests failed for reasons not related to this PR. Basically, I was testing the SQLite files I made and the new 2018 JEC. I haven't run unit tests on scenarios that used JEC files already in the repo.

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