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Updates for signal samples (primarily SVJ)

Kevin Pedro requested to merge github/fork/kpedro88/SVJ_V17 into Run2_2017

The SVJ-oriented changes are:

  • allow disabling PDF weight normalization
  • store SVJ GenParticle chains (with a hack to keep first copies of HV quarks)
  • prepare for upcoming SVJ signal scans

Some of these changes are not quite backward compatible for V17:

  • new SignalParameters branch generalized to handle any type of signal scan (SusyMotherMass and SusyLSPMass branches kept for compatibility, plan to remove them after V17 finishes)
  • GenParticles_ParentIdx branch filled, when possible, for "individual" particles kept in the minimal scheme
  • GenParticle chain added to minimal scheme for SUSY signals

but the impact is minor, so we will go ahead.

attn @aperloff for GenParticleProducer changes

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